Pregnant and postpartum athlete training

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Strength based prenatal and postpartum fitness with emphasis on core function, breath and body alignment, birth preparation and long term athletic goal postpartum.

It is more than exercise modifications. We understand that athleticism doesn’t end when motherhood begins. We understand that women during their pregnancy or postpartum chapters of their athleticism need quality guidance and want to feel supported. That is why we program exercises based on your needs, so you can train safely and effectively through pregnancy and postpartum.

“Intention now for intensity later”

Meet our expert coach, Dóra Bernáth.

Postpartum really is forever. I am supporting the female athletes in the gym, from the inside out, in a holistic way to be able to return gradually to group classes and higher intensity movements, to regain strength and athletic performance in a mindful and safe way. We start with a thorough assessment to find the main focus points need to be addressed, then gradually build up strength with incorporating breath work and deep muscles training in the programming.

I know that the majority of women who enjoy exercise will become pregnant at some point in their life. I know they need coaches who know how to guide them through that chapter, the pregnancy, and postpartum as well, as they continue their athletic adventure. My goal is to change the fitness experience for pregnant and postpartum athletes.

Have you ever heard these advices?

Just listen to your body!” – Listen to what? When should you stop exercising? What is the discomfort that is truly concerning?

Do what you have always done.” – The advice that, “as long as you don’t do more than what you normally do and you will be fine”, is too generic and absolutely not enough.

Do not lift over 50%.” – Lift 50% of what?

As an experienced athlete I thought I would know how to coach myself – but I was wrong. Training during pregnancy and postpartum couldn’t be that different, since we were made to become mothers. I was driven by my ego, and honestly, I did not know anything about training during pregnancy and postpartum.

I had three caesarean sections. A significant diastasis and other pregnancy related symptoms opened my eyes to the fact that I couldn’t control everything and I had a lot to learn about my body and how to train after pregnancy. So I spent several years learning, creating, testing on myself driven by my own problems. Then I became a coach to pass on my knowledge and experience to others like me. Now I know I am not alone, and hundreds of messages and e-mails remind me that pregnant and postpartum athletes are in fact a very misguided and overlooked population who need better information, guidance and training. This is my mission now. 🙂

I am a PregnancySaf Elite Coach at Fit for Birth. I believe that moms deserve to be trained by coaches who are holding themselves to a high standard. That’s why I joined the unique continuing education opportunity.

  • 2021 Diastasis Rectus Abdominis and The Postpartum Core online course
  • 2020 Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • 2020 Girls Gone Strong Certified Pre&Postnatal Coach
  • 2020 Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
  • 2019 Fit For Birth & The Bloom Method Diastasis and Core Consultant (PPDCC)
  • 2019 Fit For Birth Pre&Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Coach (PPCES)
  • 2018 Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM-CES

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