Next Beginners Course - Starting Tuesday 6th October

Our Beginners Course is the ideal way to start CrossFit. It is a four-week on-ramp programme that consists of 12 classes (each 60 min) that teaches you all the basics of CrossFit and shows you how doing CrossFit regularly and consistently will both improve your health and quality of life.

Beginners Course Structure

  • 12 Classes (3/week) in a small group setting with an experienced & knowledgeable coach
  • Covers all the basics of CrossFit (Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Cardio/Enddurance)
  • Each class consists of a warm-up, skill or technique training and a workout at the end
  • Your coach carefully takes you through scaling options if needed - this way we ensure this is for you, regardless of age or fitness level
  • We are an international community, so all classes are held in English

Beginners Class Schedule

This Beginners Course runs over three classes every week.

You would ideally be able to attend all 3 classes every week, but should this not be possible, we will try our best to help you catch up on the class you would have missed!

Price & Location

Regular & AYCM Options


The regular price is 90 EUR for the entire course.

If you're an All You Can Move card holder (sizes M, L, and XL)

your course fee will be 60 EUR.  AYCM memberships can only

be purchased directly in the box after verification of a valid

All You Can Move account.

Refunds are not possible neither partially or entirely.

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1116 Budapest, Hungary

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